Meet the Management

Maria Puzone - Managing Director

Maria has over 15 years of experience in customer relations management. Her strong and dynamic leadership combined with an undeniably feminine touch, ensures the M & B Transport services team achieves its strategic objectives. Maria holds a degree in Accountancy.

“Being a female in a male dominated industry certainly has its challenges,” Maria says. “Men tend to take a more mellow approach when faced with a woman rather than one of their male counterparts.”

Maria’s recipe for success is nothing more than hard work, honour, integrity and passion. “I embrace each challenge and am always willing to learn something new and to take on new challenges.

“I always look for the positive and surround myself with a good team. I also trust my instincts and definitely have a good sense of humour.”

Innocent Gumede - Operational Director

Innocent is a walking success story. Starting off his career as a driver, the 27-year-oldclawed his way up the ranks through different management levels, to eventually reach his goal of director. He now is a 26% percent shareholder of M&B Transport.

As founding member of M & B Transport Services, Innocent’s 20 years’ on-the-ground experience is intensely valued by customers, staff and stakeholders alike.

“After 1994, when a democratically elected government came into power, a lot more opportunities were afforded to me - opportunities I had prepared myself for by learning as much as I could, and through experience gained from the Road Transport Quality Systems course.”

Mick Puzone - Technical & Sustainability Director

A licensed mechanical engineer with more than 10 years of experience in logistics management, Mick has been responsible for multi-million dollar projects for AngloGold Ashanti and a host of other mining companies. He holds a degree’s in Logistics Management and Mechanical Engineering and applies his expertise at M&B Transport in the area of fleet management.

Daniel Singleton - General Manager

With over 15 years’ experience in logistics management, Daniel is an expert on logistical requirements within the Swaziland region. He has worked for varies transport companies that operate out of Swaziland.

Daniel’s expertise ensures that all hubs are aligned to a single strategy, that all legal requirements are adhered to, and that all management systems exceed expectations.

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